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slope-walkingDo not walk ahead of the slope or straight. If walking through steep terrain during a descent, must be lowered, or side to side, zig-zag. Thus, the decline will not only be simple, but likely will avoid a more serious injury in a fall.

This is, in principle, because this position allows for better weight control by flexing the leg on the side of the mountain, leaving the more extended something on the side of the slope. Additionally, to trip or fall accidentally, if we side effects will be milder than if we head down the slope, since in that case will fall in the face, rolling down has little chance of stopping (except perhaps using maneuvers assisted self-arrest on snow-covered surfaces of a tool).

If you are on your side, instead, with a drop slip will be less and less sharp blow on impact only on one side and not front. The zig-zag walk also makes the decline is natural (walking from the front, slicing diagonally opposite on the descent) and more content.

The same recommendations apply generally also increases. Because the rise in zig-zag or by diagonals, in addition to being safer, less tiring and therefore long-term efficient climbing and mountaineering.

However, if the physical and technical abilities allow, many climbers often (in areas devoid of paths or roads, vegetation that blocks and medium gradient) climb or ascend straight toward their goal (direct attack the summit), and that if they can keep up, the rising time is greatly reduced. This exception is rarely applied to the tracks, as much trouble is taken to arrive, in a straight line down the face of the slope can cause serious accidents, except where there is soft snow or fine gravel.

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