Balancing Technology from Both In and Outdoors – The Outdoor Women

Gone are those day when kids could gather and go out to the woods to catch butterfly and caterpillars, and play hide-and-seek. Gone are those day when basketball, baseball and real car racing was the game for the teenager. Today, people find outdoor activities to be less fun. Instead of going outside to play with their friends after school, kids today prefer to sit in front of a computer and play virtual games with their friends. Same to adults; instead of meeting up with their friends and playing games like chess or poker, they prefer to sit in front of a computer and gamble online. This has increased individualism and made us to become introverts. Instead of going out to meet new people and get some exercise, all we do is sit indoors and stick to the few people we know.


Technology has invaded our outdoor life so much that instead us spending time and money having fun with our friends, we spend money-treating diseases that are a result of luck of exercise. This often results to being broke and creates the need to look for more money. The sad thing is that when looking for easy money, technology has a way of providing it easily. For instance; online gambling. You can gamble online without having to move from your bedroom. When you gamble online, you get money easily through winning. What makes the situation even worse is the fact that the more you play the more bonuses you get in inform of case or access to free games. Nevertheless it all about each person and their control over the online gambling. The fact that online gaming is part of the few amazing entertainment, most people tend to get addicted to them thus facing the disadvantageous part of it.

Online casinos nevertheless come with various advantages and disadvantages of using casino bonuses. The advantages are that you can redeem them for a free game or cash rewards. This means that after you have played and accumulated your bonus points for a while, you can have a few free games. In some sites, you can cash out your bonus points at a standardized rate. This means that whether you lose or win you can earn money. The disadvantage of this is that it is seriously addictive. Once you realize that not only winning earns you money, you will want to play more so as to win ‘free’ money. This greatly reduces an individual’s urge to go outdoors for whatever activity. It makes one feel as though he or she is losing money. Another advantage is that the online casinos now understand that invading into our outdoor can cause serious compilations for players. They have made casino games accessible on mobile smart phones making it easy for players while walking to work or traveling or outdoor with friend or at the park. This balances off the addiction and the need for to exercise the body and mind for good health.

Technology has come with so many advantages and disadvantages at the same time. When you sit indoors so much, there are consequences. When you embrace technology; have fun using it enjoy its products, there are benefits- you can make lots of money by just playing! I guess what we all need to do is mix the two; enjoy your technology but dint forget to go outside to make friends and for exercise.

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