6 Things To Do Outdoors With Kids – The Outdoor Women

With summer rolling in, parents are coming up with ways to keep their kids busy outside. This can be a big challenge, especially when kids would rather stay inside watching TV than explore outdoors. Here are six unique ideas that can convince your kids to enjoy the sun.

1. Create an Obstacle Course

If you have plenty of yard space but not much to do, consider creating an obstacle course. Use cones, hula hoops and jump rope to create the next American Ninja Warrior course. Challenge your kids to beat their personal times.

2. Go On a Picnic

Pack some easy sandwiches and snacks for a quick vacation at your local park. A change of scenery can do a lot. If you want a longer excursion, consider checking out an RV park Cleburne TX, where you can spend a few days with your whole family in the beautiful outdoors.

3. Perform a Play

Hang up some sheets and create the perfect outdoor stage for your kids. Let them write, direct and act out the play. Don’t forget to hold a few performances for your entire family.

4. Go On Family Bike Rides

Take the whole family out on a bike ride or walk. This can be a weekly thing that your kids will remember. The fun memories, the beautiful scenery and exercise is worth the hassle.

5. Pull Out the Chalk

Your kids can create masterpieces with chalk that can easily be washed away. Encourage them to do art contests, create games and decorate the driveway for guests. Hopscotch is a classic chalk game.

6. Have Reading Time

Set up a blanket or hammock and give your kids some quiet time to read. You may have to visit the library first to help them choose a few books that they are interested in. Supply water, snacks and pillows for an enjoyable experience.

There are hundreds of things you can do with your kids outside. Determine which activities fit your kids’ personalities and age restrictions. In no time, you’ll have a handful of fun outdoor memories this summer.

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