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Boat Summer

In contrast to its automotive colleagues, a boat engine operates at a very high RPM and is left in storage for a very long time – during the fall and winter months. However, these days, marine engines are well manufactured and have fewer mechanical issues, but they still should be well maintained. Anything man-made is liable to malfunction so don’t take it for granted that your boat will run like a new boat.

Water Pump

The water pump in your boat should be maintained since most engines are cooled with a water pump. The water from the lake or ocean is circulated with the water pump. Since there may be impurities in the water, these foreign objects can damage the impeller; sometimes causing it to shred and eventually fail. The impeller’s rubber can get frail and crack when the boat is stored for long periods of time. It is a wise decision to substitute the impeller every 3 boating seasons. You don’t want the impeller to fail while you are on the boat or this will destroy the engine.

Oil Change

Most boat engines are operated no more than 80 hours each year and because of this, oil changes are not made so frequently. However, prior to using the boat again or at the end of boat season, you should check the oil and filter. When the boat is put in storage, the oil can turn acidic and cause damage to the engine parts. It would also be in your best interest to stabilize the remaining fuel in the tank before you store the boat. Be sure to change out the oil before you start up your engine.

Fuel Injector

When you buy your boat, it is injected with fuel, but if you store your boat for long periods of time, the fuel can become thick and clog the fuel injector. When you get ready for your boat the next season, you may wonder why it is failing. To avoid this, it is an excellent idea to put some fuel injector cleaner into the tank before you start the engine. Marine Engine Parts carries fuel injection fluid at a fraction of the cost than other similar companies.


Is the battery in your boat working efficiently? If not, you may want to check the battery before you complete your expedition to make sure that the electrical parts are turned off. You should also turn off your primary battery switch. Disconnect the battery cables upon storing the boat. You can find a replacement boat battery on the Marine Engine Parts’ website.

Lubrication of Lower Unit

You will need sufficient lubricant fluid to keep the engine and parts appropriately lubricated so they can run smoothly. You should inspect the drive at least once per year to make sure that there is no water in it.

No one who owns a boat wants to know that the engine parts are not functioning. That is why it is important to have a thorough check done before going behind the wheels.Marine Engine Parts and supply has all the parts you need to run your boat. Call today or visit their website for more information.

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