3 Exciting Backyard Additions to Inspire Your Kids to Be Active Outdoors – The Outdoor Women

Wondering how you can inspire your kids to live a more active lifestyle? Adding fun features to your backyard exactly what you need to motivate your kids to head outside for fun and play. Here are three great backyard upgrades that will get your kids excited about being active in the great outdoors.

1. Add a Skateboard Ramp

What kid wouldn’t get excited to have a backyard skateboard ramp to practice tricks whenever they desire? It’s easier than you might think to create your own skateboard ramp. There are plenty of great do-it-yourself plans available, and the best part is that the materials, such as plywood and pressure treated lumber, are cheap and readily available at your local hardware store. Be sure to have your kids brush up on skateboarding tips and tricks Philadelphia PA so that they’re ready to skate safely as soon as you set up your practice area.

2. Install a Swimming Pool

Inspire outdoor recreation for the whole family by installing a custom swimming pool in your backyard. Pool design has gotten very sophisticated in recent years – just about anything you can dream of, you can build. To keep your kids active and engaged, include all the fun features like a diving board, pool basketball hoop and a pool volleyball net.

3. Create a Putting Green

Give your kids a fun challenge by creating a backyard putting green. This is actually a simple backyard upgrade that really only requires an open level area of your yard. Cut the grass very short in this area or install artificial turf for a more authentic golf course look and feel. Your kids will love practicing putts, and you will, too!

With the right upgrades, your backyard can become your kids’ favorite place to play. Follow these tips and your kids will look forward to spending quality time in your own backyard.

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