Set the course depending on the time of daylight – The Outdoor Women

courseObviously, going outside without regard to artificial lighting there is minimal media, and most of the time nonexistent, is making a mistake typical citizen is not accustomed to the field to be avoided. The extreme case where the light is absolutely essential is the activities caving, not exactly in the air “free”, but activities in the natural environment.

But without these extremes, in any other activity multivamentura, when the sun sets the light we have to put … whether in the form of flashlights on our bikes, in our hands or in our heads, either a campfire, fireplace or stove, but we can not trust that the moon shine on us (although often it will, if the clouds permit).

For security reasons therefore always have to plan itineraries for days out and reach our destination. When it comes to activities over a day where you have to prepare a camp for the night, this is more necessary, as it will require some extra daylight hours to organize the camp to sleep, start the fire and / or cooking as appropriate.

But even on day trips (and precisely on day trips) underestimate the hours of available light is usually one of the leading causes of emergency, to go light, get lost “in the middle of nowhere, start making is cold and we had no more than clothes “to walk by day”, we have no flashlight, etc … If you find that we have a group, things get complicated, because we will be responsible for an incident simply not have anticipated something as obvious as the sun goes down every few hours … If we are in a group and our “Guidelines” do something like this for simple negligence and not specific issues that could not foresee (for example, an accident, traceback) unfortunately will check the hard way that we choose the appropriate guidelines .. .

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