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squirrelIn the woods “Ole Bushy Tail” will play hide and seek; him hiding you seeking. He always keeps a limb or trunk of a tree between you and him. He can be spotted in early morning and late afternoon.

Where are the SQUIRRELS? In nut rich woods. M.D. Johnson says, “Memorize this: buckeye, beach, black walnut in the bottoms, hickory half way up and oaks on top.” Look for stumps with shucks around them. Their sense of hearing and sight are excellent so the SQUIRRELS can eat and watch for their enemies simultaneously.

Quietly the hunter, having the patience of a school teacher and>the ability to see and hear the rusrle in the tree tops- waits. Remaining still, the hunter scans the tree tops for their leaf nest or tree cavity that is three to four inches wide so predetors can’t enter.

On this windless day when the SQUIRREL is most active and the birds are chirping their good morning, the hunter robs two coins together simulating the sound of squirrels eating. This assures other SQUIRRELS; all is well in the area.

As he waits for the chatter the hunter moves only his eyes and spots a SQUIRREL about 35 yards away. With his .22 long rifle that he hunted with since childhood, using solid bullets he places the shot at a target the size of a tennis ball. The hunter bags the animal and waits for the next SQUIRREL.

TIP– Check your New York State Small Game trap and hunt regulations.

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