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As an ancient pastime, fishing has been practiced since the dawn of civilization. While our ancestors fished for their dinners, the activity has always meant more. Fishermen are schooled in strategy, sportsmanship and the thrilling payoffs of hard work and waiting. An education in bait-craft can give you a critical edge over your competition, and especially your target fish.

Fresh Bait

What makes the best bait? Fishing circles have debated this question for centuries. Some say fish can naturally recognize live prey. Others contend an artful artificial lure can look tastier than the real thing. Truthfully, good bait is anything that will trick your target.

However, there is a catch: Different fish prefer different foods. Though no freshwater fish would spurn a nice earthworm, trout like to eat insects, bass jump for crayfish and crickets, and catfish can’t resist dead meat. Saltwater species have totally different tastes. Ultimately, it comes down to what you’re fishing for, where you’re fishing, and your own experienced judgment.

Fake Bait

Back in the day, all fishermen’s bait contained actual things that fish ate. Over the years, innovative and crafty anglers invented all manner of lifelike imitations. The ingenious way in which convincing lures are fashioned from common materials means that bait is the most affordable fishing gear Schuylkill County PA for anglers to buy. Bait shops have everything from rubber worms and plastic minnows to flies made from feathers and twine.

Create Your Own Bait

Despite all the ready-made bait varieties, some people aren’t satisfied. Every form of Artificial bait was designed by anglers who strived for something better. Your local bait shop can supply the materials for bold visionaries to make their own bait molds. A vast array of shapes and colors are available to craft the supreme temptation for your target species. If your idea proves successful, your patented new bait could become a staple on tackle shop shelves.

To be a better fisherman, you need to know all about bait. You’ll catch more fish, get ahead of your fellow anglers and improve at what you love.

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