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Many astronomers and scientists believe in the Big Bang Theory as a way to explain how the universe developed. There are also religious people who believe that God created the universe and that there was nothing scientific to the creation at all. Aside from the top suggestions, there are a few other theories of the universe that might make more sense to some who believe that there are more planets with life on them or that there is another expanse aside from the one that is known.

When people think about the universe, they often think about the stars and galaxies and planets as a whole. Some theories might prove that the Big Bang Theory never happened because it doesn’t explain some of the details that are taught. One of the theories is that there has been a steady state of expansion. The universe started as a small area and has grown over time, still growing to this day to make room for something bigger and brighter that might happen in the future. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are people who believe in rapid inflation. This theory discusses how the universe simply exploded to the size that it is today. With both theories, there is no end and no beginning. Each theory offers ideas that the universe continues to expand but in a different manner.

There is a theory of an oscillating universe. There are a few components taken from the Big Bang Theory, but those who believe in these thoughts suspect that there are cycles that the universe goes through in order to expand. There are branes and membranes that collide together to create the universe, resulting in a large expanse that is known today. One of the recent theories is that the Earth is flat and that there is only a hologram projected to make it appear as though there is a universe surrounding the planet.

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