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Are you ready for your annual vacation? Chances are you’re really ready to explore a whole new area of the country. You’ve probably felt the need to economize by either staying home during your time off or visiting the same nearby location so many times in a row that you’re well beyond bored with it. If this is the case, take heart. There’s a great new place right in your own backyard that is guaranteed to knock your socks off. It’s right here in the great state of Oklahoma, which means there is no need to spend a fortune on gas and other related expenses.

The Woods of Rural Oklahoma are Waiting for You in Your Own Back Yard

Would you ever have believed that such a place was real? On top of that, would you ever suspect that this place was right here waiting for you? The Beavers Bend resort area is located in the woods of Oklahoma, very near to all of the major metro areas. You can drive in from Oklahoma City, Tulsa, or even Dallas. It’s a compact, well kept area that is new for most people but unforgettable once you have seen it with your own two eyes. If you’re ready for a whole new level of adventure, this is it.

You Can Spend the Night in the Woods Away from it All

Our new line of Beavers Bend cabins is here to help you spend a relaxing night away from it all. Did you ever realize that you could find a peaceful, relaxing sleep away from all of your cares in the world while still being well within the protective folds of nearby civilization? Of course, none of the tell tale signs, such as cars, planes, and other irritating sounds will ever reach you. Our cabins are located just far enough back in the woods to give you the chance to commune with nature at your own pace. This is one opportunity your tired city senses will relish with glee.

Relaxing in the Outdoors is the Perfect Way to Soothe Your Senses

There’s no doubt about it. If you really need a tonic for your senses, relaxing in the tranquil woods of rural Oklahoma is a great way to do it. There’s something so primeval and soothing about spending the night in a rustic cabin out in the woods. You can really find the peace of mind you need to reflect on your life. This is one vacation spot you will be glad to call your very own.

Outdoor Adventure is a Must Here in the Woods of Oklahoma

Are you a serious outdoors enthusiast? Do you like to go swimming, camping, hiking, or fishing? Perhaps you’re looking for a combination of all of these healthy outdoor activities. Whatever you have on your menu, you’ll find ample expression for it here at the Bend. There are miles of hiking trails and plenty of other accommodations available to make your stay at the Beavers Bend one to remember. Just let us know in advance what you are looking for and we will do our very best to help you get started on realizing your dream. While you’re here, our park is your park.

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