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winter travel

While some people wait until spring or summer to travel, others prefer traveling in the winter. You may not have a choice as to when you travel because your family plans a reunion or holiday dinner. Driving in the snow and ice is potentially dangerous because you never know what you might see on the road or what you might encounter. You also need to find ways to stay warm while in your car and while outside. The right products can keep you and all your passengers warm and comfy during your travels.

Wear Layers

When you head off on a winter road trip, you probably expect to spend most of your trip in your vehicle or indoor spaces with heat like hotels and restaurants. You never know what the road has in store for you, which is why you should wear layers. Look for lightweight pieces made from natural fibers that you can wear together. A tank top under a tee shirt under a hooded sweatshirt is a good option. You can even wear loose pajama pants made from fleece or flannel under jeans.

Install Seat Covers

Consider installing heated seat covers for cars in your vehicle. Newer models often come with heated seats. You can flip a switch on the dash to turn on those seats and to adjust the heat produced. Many vehicles only have heated seats in the front and not the back though, which leaves your kids feeling left out. These covers come with a cord that plugs into the front or side of the cover and then into your cigarette lighter. Many designs let you adjust the amount of heat produced too. You’ll find heated cushions too that lift you up slightly from the seat.

Bring Extra Blankets

Bringing extra blankets and pillows from home can help you stay warm on the road and increase your comfort. Pillows and blankets will also come in handy if your car dies and you find yourself sitting on the side of the road until a tow truck gets there. Make sure that you have at least one blanket for each person in the car. You may want to look for heated blankets too that are like portable electric blankets. The included cord plugs into the cigarette lighter or adapter in your car and uses coils that send heat along the fabric.

Carry Instant Warmers

Even with blankets, you may still find yourself shivering and shaking on the side of the road. Having instant warmers on hand can help you stay much warmer. These little products are also perfect for carrying with you on outdoor adventures too. Warmers come in a small packet made from foil or another material. When you apply enough pressure, the material inside breaks in half and produces a high level of warmth. Once the warmth fades, you can throw the whole thing away. There are similar warmers designed for carrying in your shoes too.

When you need to travel around the holidays or anytime this winter, warmth should always be on your mind. The warmer you are, the more you can handle life on the road. Using the right products that actually plug into your vehicle and carrying instant warmers can help you stay warm and comfortable.

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