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Dallas has a lot to offer the tourists. Forget about the rodeos, the barbeques, and the football; the Lone Star State features some of the best museums, restaurants, and shopping districts in the lower 48 states.

But never mind what the family wants to do on vacation; let’s talk about mom’s needs for a minute.

Relax with the Culture

Suppose mom has some time to get away from family and responsibilities and wants to unwind in a low-impact setting. Dallas can be just the place to do that. Despite the reputation of everything being bigger in Texas, Dallas has many ways for an off-duty mom to find some relaxation. Start with taking a walk through the city and take in the sites, whether it’s the skyline or the exhibits at the Perot Museum.

Don’t feel like walking? No problem, just jump on the trolley and you’ll be transported to some of the area’s most popular places, including Dealey Plaza, Thanksgiving Square, and the Dallas Farmers Market. Nothing says relaxing like stress-free transportation.

Get Physical

Exercise sound like too much work? You may be doing it wrong. Getting physical in Dallas doesn’t just mean running a marathon or a game of football in the park. There are early morning yoga sessions in Warren Park and ice-skating in the Galleria.

One of the biggest benefits of physical activity rests with the ability to relax and try new things while getting healthy. It’s important, therefore, for an individual to try different physical activities. Yoga and ice-skating not your thing? Maybe try something a little more daring, like roller derby. And if sports inspired by fantasy books sound exciting, give quidditch a try.

But if you feel some heavy-duty relaxation is needed, it may be time to indulge in…

Some Needed Pampering                                                                                                           

Dallas has everything needed for a day of you. Want to engage in retail therapy? Hit up the Northpark Mall anytime during the week (try the weekdays if you want to nab some deals without much competition). The Dallas Farmers Market offers a variety of food next to a collection of shops.

And when you’re done shopping, consider the joys of a spa day. The Spa Castle offers Asian saunas and European water spas in a 140,000-square-foot building. The Dallas Arboretum offers a three-course tea service which includes soup, tea sandwiches, and sweets, along with admission to the gardens.

Still not satisfied? There’s also the Dallas Zoo, the Dallas Aquarium, the Grapevine Wine County tours, the geodeck on Reunion Tower, numerous movie theaters, and the popsicle makers at Steel City Pops. And if you don’t feel like going home just yet, check into the Marriott and give yourself an evening.

Do Your Thing

Feeling a little overwhelmed with all these choices? Don’t be. Remember the point of a personal day is to relax and have fun. Consider your options, but don’t be afraid to be spontaneous about your day.

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