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Throughout history, humans and horses have shared a strong bond. Horses have long served humans as pack animals and as transportation. Horses have long served as partners in the military, as transportation for armies during times of war, and today horses still serve the police in many cities. Horses are animals with incredible strength and endurance who have much to teach their human masters. That’s why it’s so important for owners and for those who work with horses to protect their precious animals with horse medical insurance.

Types of Equine Insurance

There are a range of insurance coverage policies available for horses, including life insurance (horse mortality coverage), medical, and horse loss of use insurance. There is also liability insurance available for people who work with horses professionally, and who may be at risk from lawsuits in the event someone is hurt by a horse that loses control under that professional’s care. Reputable horse insurance companies offer a range of insurance options at affordable rates, and it is prudent for anyone who owns or works with horses to carry insurance. The cost of treating a sick or injured horse can be completely prohibitive without adequate insurance.

Medical Coverage For Horses

There are many choices in insurance coverage for horses. They include full equine mortality coverage, which insures for a range of medical issues that cover a horse’s health and well-being. A “surgical endorsement” is also an extra option that can be included in coverage. This covers any surgical procedures that might be needed should a horse become injured or sick. A ‘major medical endorsement” is another add-on that takes care of medical treatments for the animal. These extra endorsements, added to a full mortality package, will ensure that a horse owner can be covered should the horse be in need of expensive treatments.

The bond of love and trust between a horse and a human is a strong one. While medical treatments and surgeries for horses are expensive, making the commitment to covering their care with a solid insurance policy is an important and loving decision.

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