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As the year comes to a close, many women will look in the mirror and resolve to lose weight. That is, after they indulge themselves in holiday festivities, fun and food – lots of food. One thing is certain: there are plenty of options to support this annual commitment. You can sign up for the neighborhood gym, use the fitness center in your apartment complex, go for runs in the local park or even use airport gyms while waiting for a flight. Be Dedicated and Flexible to Staying Fit Being dedicated to your fitness regimen can make you a creature of habit. Whether your preference is exercising indoors or outdoors, finding a routine that works makes it harder to change. What seems good right now limits you in the long run.

Trying out new activities in new environments can bring more satisfaction to your fitness goals. The last thing you need is for activities designed to keep you healthy and in shape to become stale. To become complacent, bored or burned out may lead to discouragement. Not only this, but muscles can become imbalanced and injuries may occur from overuse. Balance Indoor and Outdoor Activities Fitness experts always recommend practicing different activities as the best solution to challenge your plateaus and prevent overuse injuries. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by alternating between indoor and outdoor environments. You diversify fitness exercises and change the scenery a bit.

Switching up your exercise regimen can also have valuable psychological benefits. Outdoor training is usually mentally stimulating and more engaging. Also, get ready for a mood boost when you are outside soaking up vitamin D from the bright sunshine. Another benefit to changing your exercise to outdoor routines is the higher levels of weight-bearing activities. You can improve your bone density simply by stimulating bone development. Indoors does wonders for the body as well. Rain, sleet or snow, you can always exercise indoors. This will help you avoid not exercising just because you cannot go outside. Fitness classes and studios offer group motivation to keep you focused and encouraged to meet goals. Embracing the Benefits of Indoor and Outdoor Environments There are many benefits to using indoor and outdoor environments when you want to exercise.

Every wise enthusiast seeks out the advantages, knowing that the answers will benefit their health fully. What is really good is you can do a little bit of both on the same day. For example, if you run 10 miles on an outdoor hiking trail, come inside afterward for some yoga. Lifting weights is good and can be supplemented with a hike up a mountain. You get to choose from an array of indoor and outdoor activities on any given day. This gives you more fitness options and delivers better fitness results. Many activities help you to create a set of muscular imbalances when you continue the repetitive motion. Think of distance cyclists who usually have issues with their upper and lower back, and their knees. Varying exercise programs that include activities such as yoga and weight training will help to minimize their risks. It could also prolong their performance in the sport.

You can expect to achieve the same results. Generally, you round out your workouts by building more variety indoors and outdoors. It is easy to stay in a comfort zone of exercises. However, this is about more than simply checking items off a list. Getting out of a routine serves you well in the long run. Indoor and outdoor environments help to ensure that you remain on track even on days you do not feel like exercising. A change of scenery can do wonders and remind you of what you are doing to get fit and stay healthy. Variety also counts for the types of exercising you do in either of the environments. If you suffer from joint problems, you may find that low-impact machines in the gym are better for you. Balancing between low-impact and high-impact routines works to keep your body healthy over time. The same is true if you are training for endurance events. In most situations, you will find that it is better to take stress off of your joints with intermittent activities. Cardio workouts on low-impact machines are a good place to start. An added bonus of switching between indoor and outdoor exercise environments brings more overall satisfaction. Bottom line, exercising anywhere is a good thing that keeps you healthy. From having the reliability of indoor workout gyms and the variety of the expansive outdoors, your body receives the best of both worlds.

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