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Whether you’re going to an exotic destination or out for a spot of hiking and other outdoor activities, having a working internet connection is always a good idea. There are plenty of ways the internet can help you when you’re traveling, especially if you’re a female traveller exploring the world on your own. These are some of the best reasons why the internet is your friend when you’re traveling.


Share the Experience

There is no doubt that social media – and travel blogging – is a big part of traveling these days. You can share every bit of the experience and let other social media users enjoy the trip with you. Even when you’re traveling alone, you can gain a lot of advantages from using social media.

For starters, you can continue to communicate with friends and relatives back home. They can keep track of your trip and you can share the experience with them. Social media is also great for finding information. If you want to know the best coffee shop to visit in Norway, for instance, asking your followers can prove to be more effective.

You can also upload videos to YouTube or use streaming services like Periscope to share parts of the journey with a wide audience. Snapchat and Instagram are just as interesting to use, especially if you take a lot of pictures or love to capture videos as you travel.

Deal with Emergencies

The internet is also very useful when you need to deal with emergencies. No one wants to have their hotel booking cancelled upon arrival or suffer from other problems along the way, but dealing with these situations is so much easier when you have a working internet connection.

There are apps that can help you find hotels and flights in an instant. You can even leave a part of your trip unplanned and use apps like Agoda and Hotel Quickly to find last-minute deals and new places to visit.

The same can be said for other emergencies. Dealing with missing (or stolen) travel documents, for example, can be a pain. That said, you will know exactly what to do and how to handle the situation after a quick Google search. You can even find the location of the nearest embassy with the help of Google Maps.

Stay Entertained

While the idea of traveling or going out for an outdoor adventure is to experience new things, there are still times when you’re left with nothing to do. Let’s say you’re waiting for a flight that has been delayed for two hours; staying entertained is really not a problem as long as you have a smartphone and a data plan.

You can watch movies, play Sun Bingo or Candy Crush, read books and even stream music from services like Spotify. There are thousands of funny YouTube videos to watch and an endless array of TV series to binge-watch while waiting or before you go to bed at night.

There is no doubt that the internet can help make traveling much more enjoyable.

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