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Open carry laws may be controversial in some parts of the country, but depending on where you live, they may have already taken effect. The fact is that while some may disagree with open carry, there are ways to do it responsibly.

If you want to take advantage of open carry laws without putting yourself at risk, there are some ideal ways to do it. Use this guide to learn more about how you can safety transport your gun and make sure that you do it like a pro.

Consider What You Carry

Lately we’ve all seen images and news reports of people carrying hunting rifles and all sorts of guns around town to show support for open carry laws. The fact is that there are very few times when you need to take an assault rifle into a restaurant.

If you’re going to use open carry laws responsibly, pick a weapon that actually makes sense to keep on your person. A handgun like those the police often use on a daily basis makes sense for most people.

When you’re choosing the appropriate gun, you also need to think about body size and your experience using a weapon. Buying and carrying a .44 magnum when you don’t have any experience with one and can’t handle the kickback is a recipe for disaster.

Get the Right Holster

When carrying a gun, how you choose to transport it will make a big difference in your comfort and safety. Whether you choose a shoulder holster or a hip holster, you need to make sure you’ve got the right tool for the job.

Ideally, the holster that you pick should be made specifically for your weapon. If you can’t buy directly from the manufacturer or the correct holster can’t be purchased with your weapon, make sure whatever you buy on the market is correct for your weapon.

Anything other than the right holster is a danger to yourself and the general public.

Secure Your Weapon at Home

Carrying a gun doesn’t mean carrying a gun at home, and when you’re living with others, doing so can be reckless. At home, make sure you have a way to secure your weapon from the hands of potential users, including young children.

Gun safes and locked safes that are durable and sturdy are your best bet at home.

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