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The life of a boat dock seems peaceful and tranquil until the tides rise and fall, currents pick up, boats hit the edge or inclement weather strikes. This is when you will be glad you invested in quality durable dock floats that help keep the dock level, untwisted and ready to take on the tasks of a new day.

Ultra Tough and Durable Dock Floats

CWI dock floats are made of thick polyethylene that can withstand a lot of punishment and still keep working well. They are able to uphold the highest weights, which make them perfect for individually owned docks as well as larger commercial ones. There are a variety of sizes that can be pulled together to bridge the perfect support for any dock.

The Perfect Marine Dock Floats

Oceanside, channels and rough water areas are perfect for the CWI dock floats. Their rugged design welcomes the turbulence that many dock floats cannot handle. They are impervious to the weather conditions and currents that abound. Keeping the dock afloat is what this product is designed to do without fail.

Dock Floats With Longevity in Mind

Dock floats are not an item you want to purchase every couple of years. The CWI dock floats are constructed with high quality materials that will stand up over a long period of time.

Best Warranty and Environmentally Approved Design

CWI dock floats offer the best warranty in the business. You are covered for 12 full years against defects and poor performance. The design is environmentally approved to be friendly to the natural surroundings and creatures. There are no toxic materials to pollute the water.

Impact and Marine Life Resistant

Dents and dings from running into dock floats are no problem. The CWI dock floats are also impervious to all types of marine and aquatic life. This is one of the best investments you can make to keep your dock leveled and in good working order.

Contact an outlet like and get your dock in the best condition it has ever been. Less worry means more time to enjoy your time on the waterfront.

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