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In American history, the West, Country and Great Outdoors have all played a large role in shaping the Nation. Throughout the States, even in these modern times, there are still visible influences of the Great Frontier. If you do not live in a region that is characteristically Country, you can still achieve the look and feel through fashion. If you do live in one of those areas, you can always up your fashion game with a new piece.

Here are three ways you can go Country through fashion.

Camo Patterns

A hat, t-shirt and hoodie is just a hat, t-shirt and hoodie when they are purchased in basic solid colors like red, white or blue. As soon as a camouflage pattern is added to them, however, you have an instant Country feel. Camo patterns are often associated with the Country thanks to all of the outdoor activities that take place in these areas. Camo Ford hats, for example, are great to wear while hunting, fishing or just hanging around the house. Usually available in greens, beige and grays, there is a camo pattern to fit most people’s taste.

United States Flag

Patriotism is a characteristic that is often associated with living in the Country and one of the reasons why clothing in the genre will often include the United States flag. Whether it is included as a sewn-on patch or screen-printed on, a hat, t-shirt and hoodie are instantly spruced up with a little bit of Americana. Since every apparel designer will take a different direction with the recognized symbol, it may be found in a cool faded, brilliant or distressed design.

The Cowboy Hat

Associated with the Old West, ranchers and of course, the North American cowboy, the cowboy hat is a must-have for anyone who would like to complete a country-style outfit. Not only is it a stylish piece, it is also practical. Great for protecting your face from the UV rays of the sun, the hat protects the top of your head from the heat, too. The high-crown and wide-brim features make it easy to keep on your head and it is often manufactured in an array of materials, colors and sizes.

Going Country through fashion is simple and fun. T-shirts, hats and hoodies are easily transformed into Country-style pieces with camo patterns, the American flag and iconic cowboy hat.

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