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You’re buying a new tablet and you like to have some advice to find the most suitable device for you? No problem, I’m here just to give you a hand.

Let’s start by clarifying some basic questions that must be addressed before buying a device of this kind, such as those relating to the size of the display and operating system. Yes following tips will work for your tablet choose but don’t forget to use carrying case to keep safe your tab.

Better is a tablet 7, 8, 9 or 10 inches? Good question, but there is no single answer. You have to decide based on your needs and in this regard I tell you those devices from 7 “should be taken into account only if you need a super-lightweight product to use almost exclusively to surf online and texting with friends (and maybe do some phone). For multimedia are better ones at least 8 “and to work seriously I never used under 9-10 inches. Of course not overlook the screen resolution that is what gives clarity to the texts and images played back on your tablet!

Wi-Fi or 3G / LTE? Again, it all depends on your needs. If you plan on buying a tablet to use it almost exclusively on the move (that is, outside the home and outside the office) to connect to the data network is almost mandatory, however you remember to use them you have to take out a whole floor with one of the Internet provider on the Italian market. Furthermore the terminals with 3G / LTE support are more expensive and slightly heavier than Wi-Fi only.

Which operating system is best? The iPad operating system is the one that currently boasts the highest number of quality apps optimized for use on tablets, Android has a good number of apps (although the quality is on average less than those for iOS in the tablet area) and allows freedom to the user, Windows 8.1 has the advantage of supporting the applications for PC but still has a few tablet-optimized apps (modern Apps).

Now that I have given you these brief – but hopefully useful – advice on which tablet to buy we can go to the point of seeing some Android tablet models, Windows and iPad that could be for you. Let’s start with those low-cost.

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