The Benefits of Raising Horses In the Sunny State of Florida – The Outdoor Women

Across the United States, horses are raised and cared for. In the north, owners must take special care of their animals during the cold winter months. This has made Florida an incredibly popular state to live in with equine enthusiasts, as the winters are very mild and quite enjoyable. With all of the benefits that Florida brings, any horse owner or breeder would be relieved to find themselves in the Sunshine State.

No Need for Blankets
Since the Sunshine State rarely ever experiences cold weather, it is unnecessary to invest in blankets for the horses. They will not have to endure snow, ice, freezing rain, or sleet. Their winter coats will be more than enough to protect them from the elements. However, black show horses and pink skinned white horses may still require blankets. For black horses, their coat may fade. For light horses, sunburns can be very painful.

Reduced Feed Costs
Since pastures in Florida do not fall dormant during the winter, feed costs are dramatically lower. Winter hay can be quite expensive in the northern United States, especially if droughts or wild fires have taken a toll on hay production during the previous summer. Since the horses do not need extra fat reserves to stay warm either, they will not require as much grain or sweet feed.

Excellent Veterinary Care
With the high concentration of horses and an excellent veterinary school, Florida finds itself in the company of a large population of talented veterinarians. The exceptional equine veterinary care is perfect for horses with rare conditions or advanced illnesses. Equine dentistry Florida is very reliable as well. This is a great situation for elderly horses who need their teeth floated often.

Best Year-Round Foaling Environment
With such beautiful weather, foals can hit the ground at any time of the year. Foals are not at risk of cold-related illness or death. This allows breeders to raise their horses during the most convenient times of the year. In northern states, foaling tends to be delayed until the spring or summer months.

Caring for horses can be difficult in colder regions, taking a financial toll on the owners. Since Florida has such wonderful weather, farms with adequate pastures can support most of a horse’s diet. The beautiful, warm weather of Florida is perfect for relaxing too!

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