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Are you thinking of going over to the US for some wonderful fun in the Sun? These are some of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

America’s coasts are blessed with some of the most stunning beaches around the world, from Hawaii’s fabled coves right down to New England, renowned for its unbelievable fishing towns.

As you prepare to jet off to enjoy these beautiful beaches, you need to keep in mind that it is compulsory to fill out an ESTA form before you travel to the US. The ESTA is like a Visa that must be presented to the authorities by anyone coming into the US without a visa. The document can be processed and acquired completely online at It is a simple but crucial process.



Pensacola beach is one of the longest barrier islands in the world. It is a beach with dual personality as it is calm on one side and wavy on the gulf front side. Like other families that throng to these shores each year, you will enjoy its relaxed feel here. Do you love fishing? You will definitely love the fishy shores. This is a perfect place to be if your idea of a lovely time in the sun includes snorkelling and soaring shorebirds.


Do you like LOST, the television show? This is the location where it was shot! On the beaches here, you will enjoy a perfectly choreographed crashing and curling of waves, complete with rolling tubes and puka shells spread all along the shoreline. It is no surprise that this is a surfer’s paradise. The beaches are stretched out far in both directions, and go back a long way, making it easy to find your own spot. The ocean here is bright blue and is swarming with marine life.


The quartz crystal sand here has earned this beach high praise from all quarters. To some, it is the best beach in the U.S. There isn’t much difference between the sand here and powdered sugar! If you are going over with your family, the children will enjoy the lovely sand bars and mild waves. The scenic paths and amazing view makes for good relaxation for anyone. Do you like snorkelling? You will enjoy the almost translucent water with the pretty coral and rocks beneath it.


It only takes a visit to see why many sunset weddings are held here. The beach has all the basics and more. While here, make sure you see the Makena Cove and wander onto the rocky outcroppings to enjoy the view of lovely sea turtles out to enjoy themselves in the lovely waves.


The beaches here are very popular for their beauty and holiday friendly nature. It is a location where kites and parasails dot the skies. Even with the crowds here, the sand is always spotless. The authorities have put in work to make the beach a place to be for everyone on sun-themed holidays. There are bench swings and choreographed fountains for the kids and Wi-Fi for the adults looking to relax or touch base with work.

These are some of the most beautiful beaches in the United States. You won’t regret a minute spent on any one of them.

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