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Buying a car can be such a fraught experience. You have so many choices for what to buy, as well as numerous choices for where to buy it. Once you get to the dealership, you may have to deal with all kinds of hassle and aggravation, making the experience one you never want to repeat.

By shopping for a car in your local classifieds, you can bypass a lot of the common issues you would experience at a dealership. Here are a few things you should try to avoid when buying a car to ensure you have a more positive experience:

High-Pressure Sales Tactics

When you shop at a new or used car dealership, you will have to deal with sales representatives who are more interested in making a sale than helping you find what you need. You may not get a moment’s rest the entire time you are at the dealership. You may feel so pressured to make a decision that you can’t focus enough to actually make a decision.

By shopping in the classifieds, you negotiate with a single person about a single vehicle, and you aren’t dealing with someone who’s trying to make a commission or increase profits.

High Prices

Car dealerships will always price their cars for higher than what you would pay on the secondary market. Dealerships have to mark up their cars so they generate profits to run their business. Buying from an individual will help you get a much lower price without having to sacrifice on the quality of the car.

Hidden Fees

When you buy from a dealership, you will likely pay much more than the sticker price of the car. However, you may not even realize these fees are there since they are rolled into the financing agreement. You may pay administrative fees, delivery fees and more. When you buy from an individual in the classifieds, you pay for the sales price and nothing more. (You’ll pay your own sales tax and title fees to the state.)

Don’t let your next car-buying experience be a negative one. Avoid paying high prices and hidden fees while also dealing with high-pressure sales tactics. Choose to buy from an individual in the classifieds instead. You’ll save a lot of money and have a much more pleasant experience overall. You’ll look forward to when you have to buy again.

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