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Who to contact, where to look for information when planning a trip? Everyone has his tricks and his own way to find the information before going to. You can ask friends who have gone to this destination, we get information from a travel agent or as many of us, we just bought a paper guide and take notes. There are more ways to find the information you are looking to know what to see absolutely spot on and the little secrets that only locals know. Here are some tips:


Travel guides
Nothing like good updated travel guide to learn about the destination of your journey. In general the people who write the guides are tourism professionals. They know the destination better than anyone (well, hopefully). Publishers are struggling to appear on the shelves of bookstores and you find the guide that suits you best: Lonely Planet, The Rough Guide, Green Guide, a Great Weekend, DK Eyewitness … For my concerned, if the trip does not last more than 3 or 4 days, my preference is for “A Great Weekend to.” An updated page is pleasant and a summary of things to see and some good places enough for me for a short stay. For a longer stay, I turn to a Lonely Planet guide. We must ensure that the guide is updated and published in the preference above the travel year. But I am not satisfied that the paper guide.

Bloggers Travel Increasingly, we see appear serious travel blogs that give excellent advice and good addresses on a bunch of locations, all illustrated with beautiful pictures. Be careful though, as there are travel blog and travel blog. I always take care to check if the blogger gives an account of a trip sponsored or if reports of a trip he made on his own initiative. If the trip is sponsored, often the route was designed by an agency or the local tourist office, so facing a certain sense: what is being shown or what you want to sell to future tourists. I naturally tend to give more credence to spontaneous travel to sponsored trips. Be careful, do not make me say what I have not said a guest blogger can easily be integrated.

Bloggers expatriates
Being accustomed to traveling and expatriate myself, I always turn more naturally to the Expat blogs. For me they are THE source of critical information in the preparation of my travels. Nothing like advice from people who live there, used to share tips on their blogs. It is certain to avoid the tourist traps and digging real good little places from his store.

Once there, I never hesitate to talk to the bus driver or taxi, the hotel concierge, traders or people in the street. Well of course, you must speak the language of the country or find a common language to communicate.

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