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horse_ridingCongratulations on your decision to try horseback riding! The ability to mix exercise and recreational pursuits with a noble animal is an unparalleled experience. As a novice equestrian, there are a few things you will want to know before heading to the yard or taking to the saddle that will make your first outing that much more successful. Some words of wisdom: horseback riding is not as easy as it looks, safety should always come first and plan to be a lifelong student. With these tips from HorseDeals in hand, you will be ready to ride into the sunset.

It’s Not as Easy as It Looks
If you have decided to try riding because you believe it is easy, please think again. Novice riders quickly come to terms with the skill and muscle development that is required to successfully partner with a horse or pony. Between the rather jarring gaits, the constant need to steer and the need to maintain a correct position, many newbies find their first mounted encounters to be a bit overwhelming. Take heart, even the most seasoned equestrians started with these same experiences. Exhilaration, enjoyment and a love of horses helps propel many new riders work through the initial learning curve. Usually one lesson is all it takes to realise that horseback riding is not as easy as it looks.

Safety First
Safety should be a top priority when learning to ride. A skilled instructor will help you learn the correct way to gather your horse, tack up and mount. Further, you should be advised to wear heeled boots and plan to don an approved safety helmet when riding. Mixing best practices with learning the correct fundamentals of riding will help keep both you and your horse safe.

Listen, Act and Ask Questions
Avid equestrians will be quick to point out that theirs is a sport that requires a willingness to embrace a lifetime of learning. To be a successful rider you will need to learn to listen carefully, act prudently and ask questions. You should always strive to put the best interests of your horse first and do your best to learn from those willing to share their knowledge and personal experiences. The best part of riding is that riders of all levels have something to share with fellow equestrians. Further, working with animals has both ups and downs. The best riders are able to communicate, in a seemingly effortlessly manner, with their trusted steeds. In time and with practice and coaching, you too should be able to achieve this goal.

Hopefully your first experience riding meets and exceeds your personal expectations. More than likely, you quickly realised that horseback riding is not as easy as it looks, that safety should be a top priority and that lifelong learning is a key part of the sport. Align yourself with a skilled instructor, find a suitable mount and enjoy your time in the saddle.

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