Spurt Lake Trail – The Outdoor Women


This primitive trail provides access to Spurt Lake from Thomas Bay.Length (one way): 1.5 miles
Rating: More Difficult
USGS Map: Sumdum A-3

Access: The Spurt Lake Trail begins on the shore of Thomas Bay, about 0.25 mile northeast of the Spurt Cove Cabin. The trailhead is 18 air miles northeast of Petersburg and can be reached by boat or floatplane.

Description/Attractions: The trailhead is marked with a red and white diamond and the trail itself is marked with blue diamonds. The first half of the trail is through mature forest and follows the base of a vertical rock wall. The second half of the trail travels through semi-open muskeg, finally cresting a ridge and descending to Spurt Lake. Spurt Lake offers fair cutthroat trout fishing. A small boat is provided for visitor use.

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