Crow Hunting – The Outdoor Women

crowFor the die hard hunter there still is some small game that be bagged. That is the common Crow until April 15, 1996. There is an extended hunting season with liberal hunting regulations. Hiding in a hedge row between two fields on Fridays, Sundays or Mondays, two hunters are calling or using an amplified calling device. Sound or imitation calls can be used and there is no daily or season limit. These are the only migratory bird that can be hunted with a rifle. A .22 long or .222 rifle with a scope is sufficient. Also a shotgun with a modified choke and 7 1/2, 8, or 9 shot are used.

Once the crow comes into sight… wait, patience, wait. Soon others will appear cawing, circling and looking for the enemy to battle. At this time they have a “devil may care” attitude and it is the time to start hunting. The “watch dog of the forest” is named because of his excellent hearing, eyesight and posting a sentry next to their roost. With some hunting preserves open until the end of March a call to your local DEC office will provide you with information about crow hunting. The crow is a scavenger and predator and except at mating time they are always in flocks. At maturity he is black all over.

Some farmers feel that crows are harmful to their crops so ask them for hunting permission. Be challenged this winter, go crow hunting and prepare the meat like chicken.

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