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Crappie-SpringtimeAn ultra-light rig, bobber and a jig tipped with a perch minnow hooked under the dorsal fin will bring crappie to the net. Where do we fish? Look for the locals on any body of water and they will be anchored over Crappie heaven.

An angler lobs his baited jig next to a submerged rock near the outside of a weedline. The bobber disappears, Tom sets the hook and a one pound Crappie dances at the end of his line. Time to bait the hook again. Two dozen minnows are not to many for four hours of Spring Crappie angling. My partner Tom and I do this every spring at Chautauqua Lake with my fishing club.

Usually not living more than 6 years this member of the sunfish family can be caught in water from 3 to 15 feet deep, depending on the clarity of the water. When spawning conditions are suitable and there is ample food supply a large brood of fish will survive. The Black Crappie matures in its second year and a 1/2 pound Crappie can lay 20,000 to 50,000 eggs.

The young feed on plankton and insects while a high protein minnow diet is essential for slab Crappie. The waters in the northeast have a healthy minnow population; therefore healthy Black Crappie. The result is big fish and plenty of them. Crappie can be aggressive, battle well and taste good. What more can an angler ask for?

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