What to do in an unexpected rain? – The Outdoor Women

“There’s nothing like a nice cabin in which to spend the night on the mountain or forest.

However, cabins always have on hand. We can not always spend the night indoors, and in some cases not even have much equipment to do it.

We sleep under the stars, or we can try to endure a rainy night, but the best way to spend the night when we have no shelter, cabin or tent, is building a shelter itself, and the best way to do this is with some ponchos .

Joining several ponchos together can build a structure very similar in functionality to a store or tent reasonably good, but you have to have some experience in their use.

With a poncho can cover yourself from the rain. It is also possible to cover our team, even if you wear it.

A poncho allows us to carry a backpack in the rain or sitting in the woods to wait until the weather clears. You can also build a roof, or wrap a sleeping bag in it to shelter a little more, or prevent the bag from getting wet.

It is possible to use a poncho and sleeping bag circumstances, the absence of anything else. Its power is not very big coat, but of course, is better than nothing. “

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