The mental strength endurance. – The Outdoor Women

Since many assumptions can reach this conclusion.

When you have driven in mountainous wild, unexplored and away from the tourist circuit. When you see the behavior of different members of groups exploring along different trips, it can be quickly reached.

It sometimes happens that people with little or no training can exceed their fatigue, while trained athletes with bodies apparently in excellent physical condition have end up abandoning the effort of a rise in “endless.”

The mind does not dominate the body but the mind is part of the body, and a weak mind implies a body weakened by one of its key parts.

When there is a requirement beyond the ordinary and different from practice to the athlete who is accustomed to confront it takes more than a ” fitness . ”

In these cases quickly discarded mind-body dualism, general replacement for the unity of the pain and the will.

Faced with the unexpected need the whole body responds to the demands. Dissociated doubly careful effort against yourself.

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