Taking care of your batteries in outdoor – The Outdoor Women

taking-care-of-your-batteriesThus, we might say that the battery is the “Achilles heel” of digital cameras, and so in principle requires (directly or indirectly) more carefully. In this sense, we must take into account first, from prevention, the following:

Remember that batteries should not come into contact with metal surfaces or poles together, as they may download or even cause a fire. Take them isolated from each other and other surfaces, properly loaded and protected from water, sun, weather in general and of the blows.

  • Always carry spare batteries. For many reasons, the batteries can be downloaded, stop working, etc., And if your camera is not going to serve anything if you have others to replace them.
  • It is always better than the batteries are rechargeable, and thus more environmentally friendly, cheaper in the long term, and the possibility of recharging them outdoors if you have the right systems.
  • If possible, carry a solar battery charger with you . Thus, with only a spare set of batteries could manage to take photos at an extended stay outdoors, simply using the sun’s energy to recharge a battery pack while using the spare which has, as long as that ( of course) have relatively sunny day. If your camera uses 4 batteries, for example, be better than your loader is 4, not 2, since the charging time in the latter case is obviously double.

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