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Hunting safetySafety comes first. Hunting is enjoyable but if you are not safe in hunting then it makes trouble for the hunter. Before you start hunting you could take hunting safety course. It’s make your make hunting safe enjoyable and memorable.

Always carry the gun pointing towards the ground or into the sky, never in the direction of colleagues or dogs. For the seats, not pointing to anyone.

Keep this practice as it catches alone. The weapons can even shoot half-cocked.

Do not have your finger near the trigger, it is preferable to always go with the safety on and only remove it when shooting.

Kick cartridges or bullets before crossing any obstacles (streams, fences, fences, stone walls).

Never put the muzzle of the gun on the floor, or allow it to enter into it any foreign object. Check your state before going hunting.

Always use the cartridge and the pellet suitable for different forms of hunting and shotguns. Must know the pressure that supports the gun and building on the cartridge. Keep this in mind in the bullet cartridges, pod length checking and making sure the state of his gun and the pressures it can withstand. In the case of rifles, bullets and calibers use appropriate and never place a bullet from a caliber in the bedroom of a different caliber gun.

If the weapon has changeable chokes, check during the day of hunting has not loosened. The inmates, if loose, leaving a small gap, enough to hold the pellets.

Avoid the sun or ammunition to any agent that can cause overheating and a rise in pressure can be very dangerous.

When you fire on a smaller or larger part must always have it at the hearing, with sufficient visibility in the way we do not find people, animals or obstacles in which we hit.

Never brush fire on the simple fact that they move, much less to noise or tarameo. Do not forget that behind can be a person (other hunter, Rehalero, whisk, guards, walkers …) When in doubt, do not shoot. Prevention is always better. Do not be blinded to the response after that may be dogs or people.

If you go to the auction of a wound response or a grip, it warns the other hunters in adjacent positions and do it with a knife, do not shoot because it can injure or kill a dog. Upon hearing the shot the dogs would run away scared, leaving free the prey and causing an accident. Moreover, at other times will drop when they see the hounds reach unfamiliar with the danger in case of injured pigs. If you will not get a knife, do expect an experienced person.

Do not use the gun to move plants. Is designed and made to fire only and does not rely on the shotgun or rifle to rise or overcome any obstacle.

In the game in hand, knows the status of their peers. Caution with other gangs that cross with us. Extreme caution in the mountain areas or thick vegetation. Think of your dog or those of their peers at the time of shooting. Not if he is not convinced that the bullets will not reach.

In the fixed, come to them with weapons sheathed and out equally. Do not move with the loaded gun from the posts and leave to charge with the shotgun in his hand.

In beatings, be sure to attach the side screens. Do not shoot towards the other posts or to the scouts when they are at a distance that they can reach. And do not go out with loaded shotguns and shoot once given the signal end of the leaf through. Take your weapons sheathed and placed at the end, too.

In hunting positions, mark its position with respect to the other hunters. Draw an imaginary line and trigger in the direction of the other posts. Check your firing zone and even reduce it if possible rebounds.

The possibility of rebounding is something that we must always keep in mind. If we throw to the ground, in areas of rock or water, the shells can bounce at a surprising rate, reaching someone.

Do not rely on distances, and the leads of the cartridges and bullets can all reach distances do not think. For example, the scope is very large rifles, bullets can reach several kilometers.

Do not ever shoot into the appearances, changes of grade and over other hunters.

At the end of the day look that leaves no cartridge or bullet in the gun.

If you drink or take substances that can cause euphoria or loss of normal conditions, do not go hunting.

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