Do not smoke or light fires – The Outdoor Women

forestSmoking is not only contradictory when trying to enjoy outdoor exercise and a natural environment, but may be the cause of a wildfire, and discomfort for the rest of non-smokers, smokers who do precisely the nature outings to forget the cigarette and the local fauna.

Either way, it is forbidden to light fires for any reason in many areas in all seasons, and particularly during the spring-summer, precisely to prevent fires.

Also, remember that a cigarette or cigarette filter contains a large amount of nicotine and tar (plus thousands of other toxic substances be determined). The nicotine in particular is the most toxic pollutant in the world after botulinum toxin: a single cigarette filter used can contaminate thousands of gallons of water.

Obviously, there are special cases where lighting is necessary or possible fire. But for this we must know

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