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sierra-clubOver a century ago, naturalist John Muir founded the Sierra Club to help preserve the pristine beauty of the Sierra Nevada range. Today, the need to continue and expand that legacy is greater than ever- to stop relentless abuse of our irreplaceable wilderness lands, to save endangered species and to protect our global environment before our chance to do so disappears for good.

Hundreds of thousands of Sierra Club members have already followed Muir’s caring footsteps… preserving America’s magnificent wild lands and precious wildlife. When you join us, you take the most important step you, as an individual, can take to protect the fragile planet we call home.

As a Sierra Club member you become part of our nation’s premier grassroots organization helping to restore for future generations an America free from pollution and environmental degradation.

You can make a difference. . You can make our mountains “glad” again…

From Yosemite’s soaring majesty to the species-rich Ever glades, from New England’s north woods to Yellowstone, from southern swamps to the Great Lakes, you can be there with the Sierra Club, saving America’s wilds.


Throughout our nation, Sierra Club members help create and enlarge national parks…designate wilderness areas… preserve forests… halt dams and off-shore drilling… lobby for sensible energy policies … and work tirelessly to prevent destruction of priceless habitats.

In addition, Club members are on the front line, countering threats to human health and the global environment such as toxic waste disposal, deforestation and global warming.

No other group rivals our grassroots ability to get things done… to save our planet and preserve our natural heritage through successful education, lobbying and litigation efforts.

It is the Sierra Club that helped save Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from big oil companies. Strengthened the Clean Air Act and improved protection against acid rain and urban air pollution. And helped establish our National Park and Wilderness Preservation Systems, safeguarding over 132 million acres of public land.

But now, as we enter our second century, our past victories- an impressive list of parks, wilderness areas, public lands and environmental protection laws are threatened as never before.

We need you to help. And in return we offer you some very special membership benefits…


As a Sierra Club member you will receive a subscription to our award-winning magazine SIERRA. Each colorful issue, filled with stunning nature photography and thoughtful journalism. keeps you up-to-date on today’s most pressing environmental issues. You’ll also receive valuable membership discounts on Sierra Club’s celebrated books and calendars.


You’ll receive invitations to Club trips and outings-led by experienced guides- to some of the most spectacular natural areas in the world, from Maine to Madagascar, Patagonia to the Pacific Northwest. Whether you like ski touring or trekking, paddling or pedaling, you’ll find a Sierra Club adventure perfectly suited to your individual or family interests.

And for those who wouldn’t otherwise have access to outdoor adventures- urban youths, seniors, the physically challenged – the Sierra Club Inner City Outings program provides wilderness experience and environmental education in communities across America.


We invite you to stand with us at the forefront of this century’s most significant and consequential battles yet to save the environment.

For when you join the Sierra Club, you become a member of one of our 61 chapters which offer conservation activities and programs right in your back yard. You can also strengthen our efforts in Washington, D.C., and worldwide by taking part in vital citizen lobbying actions.

However you choose to participate, as a Sierra Club member you will know you are in the vanguard of the most pivotal campaigns ever undertaken to save our natural heritage.

Sierra Club
National Headquarters
85 Second Street, 2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105
Phone: 415-977-5500
Fax: 415-977-5799
web: Sierra Club

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