No-Snow Zones – Leaving the Cold Behind

What have you been doing this winter?

Not-a-snowflake-in-sightIf your answer has anything to do with shoveling snow, digging out a stuck car, recharging a dead battery, or paying a fuel bill that is higher than your food bill, you’ve probably had it up to the snow line with storms rolling in and newscasters screaming about another winter snow frenzy on the radar. Not to mention that feeling that if just one more snowplow walls in your car (again!) you will go stark, raving mad.


Winter fishing in Santa Barbara Channel

sportsfishingThe staples of SoCal wintertime fishing are rockfish, lingcod, and calico bass. Radical topography is where you’ll find most of these fish, and that is what gives the Santa Barbara Channel its advantage. We have the best fish-holding structure, at every depth imaginable, along the entire SoCal coast.

Fishing for rockfish can be divided into deepwater and shallow water fishing. Deepwater means working in more than 150 feet of water, and sometimes up to 400 feet or more. At these depths, great numbers of red rockfish can be found. Although most are generically referred to as red snapper, a number of species are caught, such as vermilion, starrys, bocaccio, and chilis. There are also bigger rockfish such as cow cod roaming deepwater structure zones.