Wrangell – St. Elias National Park Hiking

St-Elias-National-ParkA pack trip in Wrangell-St.Elias National Park and Preserve can be an exciting and rewarding wilderness experience if the hiker is prepared for the difficulties and hazards of traveling through rugged, undeveloped land. Because there are no maintained trails within the park, travel through dense brush, across steep scree slopes and across fast and cold glacial streams and rivers can be expected. For most routes, map and compass reading skills are essential. An alternative to going it alone is to signup for a hiking trip in the park with one of the outfitters servicing the area.

Weather in these vast and spectacular mountain ranges can vary to extremes in relatively short time periods. It is best to expect (and prepare for) almost any potential with a variety of layerable clothing (polypropelene, wool or pile), raingear and extra food. Summer snow storms occur at elevations of 4500 feet and above.

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Adventure Transportation

peru tourismTo join two localities in the bush of the Republic of Peru, the author had to ride on a truck carrying people and goods. Poor road conditions and bad weather made the trip a bit difficult. This allowed him to meet interesting aspects of people and geography.

In the village of Mazuko, in the jungle of the Republic of Peru, watched the water falling warning that the rains had begun. This complicated my plans to reach the city of Puerto Maldonado Peru also. While the hundred miles that separated me from my destiny did not seem significant, the state they were in were. For hours I waited for a truck, almost the only means of transport between the towns named, no luck.