Beaver Lake Trail


Length (one way): 0.8 mile
One Way Trip Time: 40 minutes
Trail Begins: Sawmill Creek Recreation Area.
Trail Ends: Beaver Lake
Recommended Season: All year
USGS Maps: Sitka A-4
Elevation Gain: 250 feet

Trail Rating: Moderate. Popular trail well suited to family outings. Tread in fair condition overall. Steep in beginning, then mostly level. Cleared and brushed, 1987. Bears may be present.


Hiking – Wrangell Trails


Aaron Creek Trail
Length 4 miles, located on mainland 22 miles SE of town by boat, in Berg Bay.

Anan Creek Trail
Length 1 mile, located on mainland 31 miles south of town by boat, trail starts at Anan Bay Cabin.Berg Creek Trail
Length 4 miles, located on mainland 22 miles SE of town by boat, off of Aaron Creek Trail.


Hiking the Resurrection Pass Trail

Alaska Weekend Getaway

resurrection_fallFor a state that’s more than twice the size of Texas and known the world over for its wilderness, Alaska has surprisingly few marked and maintained hiking trails. The vast majority of the state’s famed wildlands are far from its rudimentary road system and accessible only by boat or plane. And while the opportunities for escaping the crowds by chartering a plane or boat are many, it’s an expensive way to travel. Also, being completely removed from the comforts and comparative safety of civilization isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Flying into a truly remote region and standing on untamed ground, watching your last link to society take off and disappear over the horizon, is not an adventure for the unprepared.

boating license

Boating license

boating licenseThe boat license is not mandatory for the control and management of vessels and pleasure boats that sail within 6 miles and are equipped with motors with less than described above. In this case, who takes command and the pipe must have one of the following requirements:

At least 18 years for vessels
Be at least 16 years, for boats with engine
Be at least 14 years for vessels sailing sail area than four square meters, rowing and sailing over 1 mile


Camp and Travel on Durable Surfaces

Trail travel:
campsiteTrails provide a pathway for walking and riding, and are designed to drain water with a minimum amount of soil erosion. Whenever available, utilize existing trails.

Many people shortcut switchbacks or create new trails trying to save time and energy. Cutting switchbacks or going around puddles, water bars and stream fording sites causes erosion and creates unsightly scars. Sturdy boots and gaiters protect feet from mud and water and make it easier to stay on the trail even in wet conditions.