Who are the real experts of the journey?

Who to contact, where to look for information when planning a trip? Everyone has his tricks and his own way to find the information before going to. You can ask friends who have gone to this destination, we get information from a travel agent or as many of us, we just bought a paper guide and take notes. There are more ways to find the information you are looking to know what to see absolutely spot on and the little secrets that only locals know. Here are some tips:



Top three female-friendly activities in Barcelona

Travelling as a woman can be both an empowering experience and a challenge. City breaks are often a great choice when it comes to spending a few days unwinding and disconnecting from the daily grind. Barcelona is listed among the top 20 most visited cities in the world, and being such a popular destination, female travellers can find plenty of activities to suit their interests. In this article we explore the top-3 things that women can do when on a short break to this fascinating Mediterranean city.


Visit the Fira

The Fira de Barcelona is the city’s fair and trade show hub. Every year there are more than 70 international events held at this massive complex, and some of them are of particular interest to travelling women. Some suggestions include:


Take special memory card for your outdoor tour

memory-cardMemory cards or flash memory are another accessory virtually indispensable in most digital cameras today. At first almost all cameras come with internal memory to store images, but today most rely on external storage media (memory cards), and the best have a small internal memory as an alternative possibility, but which is not very wide. This evolution is that memory cards can expand storage space photos and videos, and store cards separately and then download them easily. Some recommendations already on the memory cards:

There are many types of cards (below we list the best known [1]). When choosing your camera before you buy, consider what type of card used, and how storage capacity and speed read-write support.


Protecting your camera in outdoor tour

The cover.

camera-coversIf you make any kind of activity or extreme outdoor sports, or even traditional, but particularly “active”, most likely have to have the camera always on hand and ready to fire with a good scene. In that case, the risk of bumping due to falls (cycling, riding, skiing, etc.) Against a wall or rocks (in mountaineering, rock climbing, hiking, etc..) Will be quite high.

A sheath for carrying the camera will be essential. This case must be tailored to the activity to be undertaken. As an example, if you are dedicated to climbing, you can not use a holster that does not have a strap to hang over the shoulder, but a simple handle to carry by hand, something completely useless.


No leave or stop during the road without warning


We must not leave or stop along the way without warning, at least one other person in the group, and preferably to the Guides. If we leave or leave the group for any reason without notice, if only temporarily (toilet) may give us written off, or forgetting to follow up behind.

It is therefore important to be aware that we do not travel alone, and if we are responsible for other / s person / s, s / s we communicate if we are absent from the group as either at the time whatsoever.


Do not lose sight of the group


Never lose sight of the group. Especially if it goes back, we must never lose sight of the person immediately before us to prevent loss. This applies both to those who can stay behind and on the tail guide or “second” (the latter, which brings up the rear), and those who want to advance the guide head or “first” (which leads the way usually with more experience or knowledge of that particular trip), which can not be done.


Provide rest and replenishment of water

outdoor-requirementAs discussed in more than one occasion, having water is crucial. But often find water along the way, and therefore we must set our stops, both to collect water to rest, at least in those points (abastecimietno of water) under compulsion (as well kill two birds with one stone .)

This is not an excuse for not carrying a reserve of water always personal. These places, therefore, must be seen as places to “refuel” our water, not just to drink water and follow the road without any reservation carry the liquid element.