1000 and 1 things you can do outdoors, second, to look pass free rabbits and hares

Once I was in an outdoor outlet to an ornithological association was organized to observe waterfowl in Caceres, Castilla la Mancha, Madrid, and a curious thing happened …

We had stopped to eat in a mound from which he saw a gap, went full speed when running two rabbits, describing a closed curve without stopping to meet our large group. Two seconds are lost in the distance. At 15 seconds it took nearly as swift, but more awkward, two greyhounds that chase, but meet us were distracted and stopped, which made them keep track of.

People broke into a round of applause for the triumph of the rabbits when they arrived just behind the hunters dog owners. Thing understandable considering that we were all there to make a outdoor activity and related environment, and I’m not talking of course of hunting as “sport”, although, as in this case, a species bred for that in many Spanish hunting, as is the rabbit.