Marching outdoors sloping land areas

Areas of steep terrain

Marching outdoors sloping land areasRegardless of the type of soil that covers it (rock, snow, soil, vegetation, etc.)., The steep terrain, sloping, steep to be transitive (raised or lowered, climbing or down climbing) given certain precautions:

Do not walk ahead of the slope . What forces you to walk in diagonal or zigzag, and forever (especially if it was not possible to go zigzag) must keep a safe distance, enough so that if someone falls, do not drag it to the rest group, and can be stopped or avoided and then rescued by his teammates. Raise or lower diagonal is also more relaxed, and causes less impact to the terrain and our joints.


Exercise caution when changing terrain and slope

caution-exerciseWhen change of terrain (snow stone, ground to ground stone mixed, etc.. Etc.) Often will have to change both the gait and the equipment or material adjustments to relocate (boots, poles, crampons, etc.). The same will happen when we get to follow a mostly flat road, one with a drop rising or falling, one by one climb down, or any combination of changes in conditions on a crossing route or terrain.

For example, when we go walking through the snow to walk through the rock, it should shake the snow from the soles of boots or crampons (if we have jobs) and then, when we start to walk toughest terrain , avoid skidding or sliding due to snow (or water that is formed by melting it). The same applies to land with mud, ice or sleet.