1000 and 1 things you can do outdoors: third, rest of the politicians.

If you plan ahead, you can get to an outdoor outlet in which politicians do not bother even once their electoral projects tasteless.

Here you can not catch a single FM radio or cellular signal or any mobile phone operator …¡¡ as close to paradise!

It is very simple, just try not to take any means of electronic contact with civilization, while ensuring that none of his fellow political activity is (God forbid!) Or affection to talk politics. Because if it has any means of communication, of course that the policy will achieve it, and instantly go from being a person outdoor recreation, a concerned citizen or indifferent for his country.

1000 and 1 things you can do outdoors, second, to look pass free rabbits and hares

Once I was in an outdoor outlet to an ornithological association was organized to observe waterfowl in Caceres, Castilla la Mancha, Madrid, and a curious thing happened …

We had stopped to eat in a mound from which he saw a gap, went full speed when running two rabbits, describing a closed curve without stopping to meet our large group. Two seconds are lost in the distance. At 15 seconds it took nearly as swift, but more awkward, two greyhounds that chase, but meet us were distracted and stopped, which made them keep track of.

People broke into a round of applause for the triumph of the rabbits when they arrived just behind the hunters dog owners. Thing understandable considering that we were all there to make a outdoor activity and related environment, and I’m not talking of course of hunting as “sport”, although, as in this case, a species bred for that in many Spanish hunting, as is the rabbit.


Peru Adventure Stories

peruTo join two localities in the jungle of the Republic of Peru, the author had to travel as a passenger in a truck load of people and goods. The poor state of road and weather conditions made the journey a little difficult. This allowed him to meet interesting people and aspects of geography.

In the village of Mazuko, in the jungle of the Republic of Peru, watched the falling water warning that the rainy season had begun. This complicated my plan to reach the city of Puerto Maldonado Peru also. While one hundred and fifty miles separating me from my destiny did not seem significant, the state in which they found they were. For hours I waited for a truck, almost the only means of transport between the towns named, no luck. The villagers believed that some difficulties have begun to manifest in the road coming from Cuzco on account of rain. Tired, I decided to look for accommodation.

Halibut tid bits

Remember how last winters¹ halibut bite took all by surprise? I sure hope it repeats itself. Here is a couple of fishing tips that might help you to catch more and bigger flatties. This applies to when you are fishing from a boat.

1. Use as light of a running line as you can for the depth of the water or the application. For instance it takes heavier line to drag across the bottom in the wind or current because the bump and drag of the heavier sinker takes a toll on the knots. If the wind is really howling sometimes you need 6 ounce sinkers to keep the bait on the bottom. But if you anchor you can use 2 ounce sinkers in the same location, so the use of light lines can be utilized, if you want to do that. Heavier sinkers bouncing across the bottom is a popular approach used by most sportboat skippers and it is highly effective. The technique is called “Bounce- Balling”. I prefer to anchor and drag my bait back, inching it along at a snails pace. I use tournament #12 pound running line tied to a three way swivel.

topwater fishing

Topwater fishing

The topwater plug has got to rate right at the top when it comes to the different baits and the kind of reaction they draw when they are presented just right.

From the subtle” tap tap “on a Texas rig worm, to the solid “thump” we feel on a deep diving crank bait, each bait has own characteristics as far as how the bass “feels” on the strike.

But Topwaters, oh the mighty topwaters. I guess you could say I cut my teeth on a Tiny Torpedo, and yes, it was clear, on the stock ponds around East Texas and the big pond, Toledo Bend.

I want to share a few secrets with you about this kind of fishing and a bait that very few anglers use. Therefore, if your one of the inquisitive minds that search for new and useful information, then this is payday for you.

Let me cut right to the chase on this awesome, but rarely used topwater bait {Heddon doesn’t sponsor me so lets get that out of the way}

snake charmer

Snake charmer

I guess it was back in the early eighties when Billy Palmer decided to drain his lake and dig out around the banks. It was a classic East Texas farm pond, with one exception, the cows didn’t have access to the whole lake.

It had all the classic features. Stumps, blow downs, mossy edge and an old dock. You could make it out about half way but the rest was rotted boards and a few poles. Great for dragging a big worm by or speeding a spinner bait through.

I had fished this lake for the last thirteen years. My big bass was an 8 something, we didn’t have scales back then, but we were usually pretty close. I had tangled with some bigger bass than that on this old pond.

I remember when Billy asked if I wanted to help him drain the lake, with his son Dirk and Kyle, I was all over it. I asked if I could bring a fishing buddy along that had been on the lake before, and he said sure. I knew Doug Flatley, one of my best friends, would kill to see what came out of this old pond.