Eagle Nest Lodge – Equipment and Seasons

hunting-equipmentThe equipment needed for the fishing here can be as simple as a 5 weight, 8’+ rod and a pair of chest waders, or more elaborate (and everyone knows: the more toys you have, the more fish you catch). The best combination of rods is a 6 weight for nymph fishing and a 4 weight for the dries. A 5 weight is always useful so bring it if you own it, and all rods should be 8′ or longer. A medium-fast to fast action is by far the best. Weight forward floating lines are the general rule.

Chest waders are a must as hippers will only serve to keep your legs wet. Neoprenes are best (2mm or 3mm) in the Spring and Fall, and the Orvis No-Sweat waders are the ultimate in the summer. Polarized sunglasses are a must. We do a great deal of sight-fishing and being able to see is a big help. On a final note: the Bighorn is a great place for beginners, everyone ties into fish every day. And for the experts, the ‘Horn will offer you the challenge of the monster on a tiny fly.