The Denali Highway – Wild and Scenic Paddling

Wild-and-Scenic-PaddlingAbout 15 miles west of Paxson, the Denali Highway enters the Tangle Lakes region. This land of tundra-covered rolling hills forms the divide between two wild and scenic rivers, the Delta and the Gulkana. A series of long narrow lakes connected by the Tangle River, the area offers a smooth float in the headwaters of the Delta. From the Tangle Lakes Campground at mile 22 from Paxson, boaters and canoeists can paddle through Round, Long and Lower Lakes to the river itself. Fishermen crowd into the area aiming for grayling, plus the occasional lake trout, burbot and whitefish. Rafters can keep going into the Delta for a 29 mile run to the Richardson Highway. The float takes 2 to 3 days with Class I, II and III rapids .


Long Trails of the Southeast


Eight states, over 600 miles of long-distance hiking

This article profiles over 600 varied miles of long trails, from the cypress swamps of South Florida to the high mountains of North Carolina. Each offers its own beauty and challenges. The Wild Azalea Trail, the shortest of the trails at 26 miles, is Louisiana’s longest footpath. It will surprise visitors as it rambles over pine-covered hills into lush bottomlands where clear, sand-bottomed streams flow. Wetlands abound in these creek bottoms, locally known as bayous, where the cypress trees grow tall. The 41-mile Black Creek Trail of Mississippi runs along the course of the federally designated Wild and Scenic Black Creek, amid cypress swamps, by sugar-white sandbars, and through hardwood forests with amazingly large trees.