Marching to the outdoor area oflarge stones and rocks

Areas of large rocks or stones (scree or blocks)

Marching to the outdoor area oflarge stones and rocksThe scree, crags and rocky ground, areas of loose rocks or stones more or less large (larger than a football about) can be ground fairly easy to navigate on foot, as long as they know how. Failure to understand and master the techniques of running in this type of soil, a fall can cause serious accidents, so always keep in mind:

Pay close attention to the safety distance between group members, which must be greater the higher probability of falling rocks or landslides, and (in turn and for the same reason) to steeper the slope, whether we as if we are going down. The reason: to give time to the partner who preceded us (down) or above us (up) to avoid falling rocks due to our departure. We must warn of falling rocks, especially on the downhills, when you see them before us may not come.


Destination rocky point mexico

bella-sirena-thumbnailBy 1941, Punta Penasco, 187 inhabitants dedicated to fishing or working on the railroad Sonora-Baja California, Mexicali, which stretch Rocky Point, was opened in 1940. He later pleaded Municipal Police, which began settlements in what is today the city.

Later, on July 9, 1952 was erected the town of Puerto PeƱasco, Caborca and comprising separating the towns of Sonoita, Bahia La Choya, March 21 and Cuauhtemoc. For 1989, the municipal area is a reduction in its territory with the creation of the municipality in the state number 70, General Plutarco Elias Calles.

Once we defined the area and no change in June 1993 he received the custody of the Biosphere Reserve of the Upper Gulf of California and then integrates the Biosphere National Park Pinacate and Gran Desierto de Altar.