american-forestAt AMERICAN FORESTS we focus on finding solutions to the problems facing our forests, not on ideological rhetoric. Our goal is to ensure a sustainable future for our forests-and the clean air and water they provide.

Our “Search For Solutions” is more than just a slogan, it’s our mission, and through conservation action and education, we’re succeeding.

You want to help because You love trees and forests-but you’re probably a little confused.

Voices on one side say we should never disturb a forest’s natural state, while voices on the other side insist that we need more timber to harvest. While the conflicts continue, the forests suffer. Yet amidst all the confusion there are answers.



What is Waterfowl U.S.A.?

WATERFOWL U.S.A.In January 1983, a group of conservationists, who were concerned about the dwindling waterfowl populations in America, formed the National Waterfowl Alliance, Waterfowl U.S.A. Limited as a national, non-profit, conservation organization. Since that time, the organization has become known simply as Waterfowl USA. Waterfowl U.S.A. is the only national, non-profit, conservation organization, dedicated to using funds in the areas in which they are raised for local and state waterfowl projects.

It was founded by biologists for the purpose of preserving and improving wintering and breeding habitat within the United States. There was, and still is, a tremendous need to fund waterfowl projects on the local level. Therefore, local and state fund-raising chapters are being organized to lead the way in restoring waterfowl enjoyment. Waterfowl U.S.A. was incorporated in Edgefield, South Carolina in January 1983 as a fully tax deductible, non-profit organization and approved under IRS statute 501 (C)(3). Since its founding, over 45,000 conservationists from all 50 states and many foreign countries have joined and supported Waterfowl U.S.A.


National Outdoor Leadership School

leave-no-traceThe mission of the National Outdoor Leadership School is to be the leading source and teacher of wilderness skills and leadership that serve people and the environment. At NOLS, the wilderness is our classroom. Since its founding in 1965 by mountaineer Paul Petzoldt, NOLS has graduated more than 30,000 students. Each year, more than 2,200 students complete NOLS courses, which are run as 14 to 95-day wilderness expeditions.

The international headquarters of NOLS are in Lander, Wyoming. Branch schools are located in the Rocky Mountains (Wyoming), Alaska, the Pacific Northwest (Washington), the Southwest (Arizona), Kenya, British Columbia, Mexico and Patagonia (Chile). In the U.S., NOLS courses are run in 18 national forests, 21 national parks and on Bureau of Land Management land in seven states for a total of over 100,000 user days a year. Internationally, we operate in 14 national parks and preserves.


Sierra Club

sierra-clubOver a century ago, naturalist John Muir founded the Sierra Club to help preserve the pristine beauty of the Sierra Nevada range. Today, the need to continue and expand that legacy is greater than ever- to stop relentless abuse of our irreplaceable wilderness lands, to save endangered species and to protect our global environment before our chance to do so disappears for good.

Hundreds of thousands of Sierra Club members have already followed Muir’s caring footsteps… preserving America’s magnificent wild lands and precious wildlife. When you join us, you take the most important step you, as an individual, can take to protect the fragile planet we call home.