Plan Ahead and Prepare

outdoor-planCarefully designing your trip to match your expectations and outdoor skill level is the first step in being prepared. If you do not have a tent, stove or proper clothing to stay warm and comfortable in unexpected poor weather, you may be forced to build fire inappropriately over crowd shelters, or disregard fragile vegetation while setting up camp to get out of the elements. While impact concerns are clearly secondary to visitor safety, careful planning can go a long way toward ensuring that trade-offs between these two are unnecessary.

Know the area and what to expect. Consult guidebooks, local land managers, owners or outing clubs about the character and popularity of your intended destination. Many wildland areas suffer from overuse-visiting alternative locations can often provide a better backcountry experience. Obtain any appropriate permits or landowner permission before your trip begins. For safety’s sake, know emergency phone numbers and tell someone back home where you’re going and when you’ll return.

early preparation

Contraception and travel

early preparation

  • We recommend you discuss the various contraceptive methods and their indications with your doctor. It is desirable to try a new method at least three months prior to travel.
  • Birth control pills: Have a supply of extra pills in another bag in case your suitcase is lost. Take the package insert with the pharmacological name as the brand name may change in other countries. By plane, take your pills with you, because your bag will be inaccessible before arrival. The safety of the pill may decrease in cases of diarrhea, vomiting or taking certain antibiotics. It would then use an additional method of contraception such as condoms. The pill should be taken every 24 hours by adjusting the time with the jetlag. If the moment of decision falls in the middle of the night, take one tablet before bed (always rather before and after the calculated time). If you miss a dose, since the delay is less than 12 hours (and that your pill is not especially low dose), the contraceptive effect is maintained. Take the missed tablet and continue following your shots as usual. If the delay exceeds 12 hours, do not take the missed tablet but keep your pad in addition to using condoms for safety.