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experience the angler’s dream!

Bolton_LakeBolton Lake Lodge & Outposts are fly-in fishing camps located 310 miles north of Winnipeg where “world class” fishing waters run endless with trophy fish. Bolton Lake offers countless fish-holding structures with channels up to 150-feet deep, rugged shorelines, deep holes, reefs, quiet bays,and fast moving rapids. Three rivers enter Bolton Lake from the south and one drains the waters to the north, the ideal environment for Grand Slam fishing. You can find the following species at Bolton: Northern pike (5-35 lbs.), walleyes (3-10 lbs.),lake trout (8-40 lbs.), and whitefish (2-7 lbs.) If fly fishing is your favorite method, Bolton Lake offers ideal fishing for northern pike: you can often catch pike of all sizes, including trophies, right on the surface! Leave it to your imagination as to what you’ll experience at Bolton Lake.