Tongariro Lodge_tone

Tongariro Lodge

one of New Zealand’s truly great trout places

Tongariro Lodge_toneWhen Zane Grey wrote famous Tales of the Angler’s Eldorado he was referring, in part, to New Zealand’s trout fishing. Photos of a smiling Zane, posing with trophy rainbow trout, illustrated his writings. Often, he returned to fish the Tongariro River, perhaps the best known river on the North Island, a fishery he seemed to hold in the highest regard.

The Tongariro ends its long journey in Lake Taupo, flowing over riffled, rocky- strewn runs into placid pools where the dimple of a rising rainbow dissolves downstream. Tongariro Lodge rests a few long casts from the river’s edge, providing a stylish haven for those who come to New Zealand to fish for Zane Grey’s enormous trout.