Dressing For Your Outdoor Lifestyle in New Zealand


Our country really is a beautiful place. We’re blessed with sub-tropical conditions in the north and Antarctic blasts in the south. That gives us snowy mountains, rainforests and perfect golden beaches all in one place, which certainly makes up for our unpredictable weather patterns! Therefore it is no surprise that us New Zealanders have such exciting outdoor lifestyles that the rest of the world would be jealous of. If you’re anything like me you’ll be into hiking, boating and many more activities in the wild outdoors.

I recently got to thinking about how I could make my wardrobe a little bit more stylish whilst still retaining an outdoorsy feel. I wanted to be able to go from coffee house to hiking trail without having to go home first to change my outfit! After a bit of research I’ve come up with a few key pieces that can be used for this purpose, so hopefully you’ll find them helpful too.

lake brunner fishing

Lake Brunner Lodge

it’s hard to envision a more appealing trout fishing destination than New Zealand’s South Island.

lake brunnerFishing in New Zealand waters should be more appropriately named trout stalking, because usually the brown trout is first spotted by carefully walking along the stream, before a presentation is made. The clarity of the water makes spotting some trout easy, though in many instances, what’s visible to the trained eye of the guide is invisible to the less experienced angler. And because there’s not a trout behind every rock, anglers must carefully locate each fish before a cast is made.

Flowing as clean and crystal clear as mountain air, South Island streams harbor trout that can average close to four pounds. Five to seven pounders are acknowledged heartily, but an angler needs to break the eight pound barrier before celebrity status is bestowed. Much of the season, the trout will rise eagerly to a well placed dry fly, a Royal Wulff or an Adams.


Western Rivers Lodge New zealand

western_rivers_lodgeBarry Jaggar knows New Zealand trout fishing. Consider his background: he was a former manager of one of the North Island’ most prestigious lodges; he was the Hunting and Fishing Officer for New Zealand Tourism; above all, trout fishing is in his blood. So when he selected Springs Junction on the South Island for his Western Rivers Lodge after considerable thought and research, you know it was a wise decision.

The brown trout reigns supreme on the South Island, with rainbow a now-and-then catch. With over 20 streams within a hour’s car ride of the lodge, guests have a wide assortment of locations where they can pursue the wily brown. Four to five pounders are fairly typical here, but considered a real trophy on many North American streams. six to eight pounders are possible, and angle have opportunities to hook (though not always land) even large trout. Like brown trout world wide, they are wary and selective but careful stalking and a short, soft and accurate cast can often result in positive results.