The Mattawa Gaming Club

Mattawa-Gaming-ClubTrophy moose, black bear and white tailed deer are abundant throughout the thousands of square miles (yes that’s thousands) of crown managed forests accessible from our lodge.

Located at the junction of the historic Ottawa and Mattawa rivers the lodge offers the unique opportunity to fish and hunt in two Canadian provinces. This means twice the territory, expanded seasons and greater variety of species. For example Quebec allows a moose to be taken by bow during bow season and by rifle during rifle season. Ontario on the other hand has regulations for deer hunting much less stringent than Quebec. Our experienced management and guides will design annual hunts to ensure the best opportunities for each species in each province.

Small game and waterfowl hunting are great ways to spend some time after you’ve taken your big game animal. When you want to fish for fun you can catch Walleye, Northern Pike, Large and Small Mouth Bass, Muskie, Whitefish and Sturgeon off the dock. When you want to get serious we’ll take you into the ZEC MAGANASIPI. Just across the river, this three hundred square mile preserve offers three hundred and seven lakes. Rainbow trout, Lake Trout, Brook Trout, Cutthroat Trout, Lake Char, Splake and Sauger along with the others mentioned above can be caught in record numbers and trophy sizes. Just a forty five minute drive from the club (paved road) puts you in ALGONQUIN PARK. Four thousand and eight hundred square miles of protected wilderness, a thousand miles of inter connected canoe routes and lakes, fishing and wild life viewing without equal in North America.


Eagle Nest Lodge – Equipment and Seasons

hunting-equipmentThe equipment needed for the fishing here can be as simple as a 5 weight, 8’+ rod and a pair of chest waders, or more elaborate (and everyone knows: the more toys you have, the more fish you catch). The best combination of rods is a 6 weight for nymph fishing and a 4 weight for the dries. A 5 weight is always useful so bring it if you own it, and all rods should be 8′ or longer. A medium-fast to fast action is by far the best. Weight forward floating lines are the general rule.

Chest waders are a must as hippers will only serve to keep your legs wet. Neoprenes are best (2mm or 3mm) in the Spring and Fall, and the Orvis No-Sweat waders are the ultimate in the summer. Polarized sunglasses are a must. We do a great deal of sight-fishing and being able to see is a big help. On a final note: the Bighorn is a great place for beginners, everyone ties into fish every day. And for the experts, the ‘Horn will offer you the challenge of the monster on a tiny fly.

bird hunting

Orvis endorsed wing shooting lodge

huntingLocated in northwest Kansas, an area long noted for outstanding pheasant and quail hunting, Jayhawk Outfitting is prepared to show you one of the world’s finest wingshooting experiences. Over 18,000 acres of handpicked hunting grounds, picked for its huntability as well as abundant populations of native birds, are located in four large, separate tracts, which are individually managed to keep hunting pressure light and wild birds plentiful.

Guests are ensured the highest quality hunt all season long and, unless requested, will never hunt the same ground twice. We also have a good number of Bobwhite quail and these can be pursued in combination with the pheasant.Our top priority at Jayhawk is seeing to it that your stay with us is everything you want it to be. We can, and often do, tailor hunts to suit the age of our clients.

silver king lodge big fish

Silver King Lodge

one of the most majestic tarpon and snook lodges of all of Central America” The PanAngler.

silver king lodge fishingUnquestionably one of the greatest experiences an angler can have is to witness a big tarpon leap skyward– five or six feet out of the water–and then come crashing on the water’s surface, splintering it into thousands droplets of water. And that’s only the beginning. In the next time frame–whether it’s only minutes or over an hour–the lucky angler will be tested by one of their strongest, most dramatic gamefish of the world. One of the very best places to experience this wonderful scene over and over again is at Silver King Lodge, on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.

Silver King Lodge has emerged over the past few seasons as a world-class tarpon and snook fishing resort. Situated in a lush, tropical environment on the banks of the Rio Colorado River, it offers matchless accommodations to compliment the challenging fishing.

Bonefish Lodge Exuma, Bahamas

bonefish at its best from top lodges at reasonable rates

The Fishing:
Over sixty miles of flats surround Exuma, Bahamas providing some of the world’s very best bonefish habitat. The fine white sand and “gin clear” waters are tailor-made for wading or fishing from a skiff. Vast schools of three- to six-pound bonefish provide unparalleled excitement and opportunity for even the novice fly fisherman. For the more experienced anglers who prefer the tougher challenges, there are smaller pods of larger bonefish. Each year, bones of over 10 pounds are hooked; usually you will find these double-digit fish as loners, sometimes in doubles. Occasionally, you will see the wary permit cruising and feeding the edges of these flats, and, of course, there are the ever-present barracuda to offer a diversion.

The Guides:
They belong to the Exuma Guides’ Association and are hard working, friendly, knowledgeable and can be of great help to the novice or the experienced fly fisherman. They are all fly fishermen who have participated in a certification program that includes: fly casting instruction, fly-tying, knot-tying, First Aid and CPR. You will also find them to be sensible environmentalists who place great importance on the maintenance of their resource.

EL pescador

El Pescador – BELIZE

classic tarpon fishing on the flats as well as many other species for spinning, plug-casting and fly fishermen

EL pescadorThe shadow of a cruising tarpon appears in the transparent, clear waters of El Pescador’s flats as it ghosts towards your staked out skiff. The meeting with the silver king arrives quicker than anticipated–there’s no time to attend to the knot in your stomach.

The cast unfurls accurately, the fly lands softly, and the tarpon sees it. The take is gentle, the fly disappears in the bucket-sized mouth, and you set hook. In a few seconds, the slack fly line rasps through the guides, then comes tight onto the screeching reel. Shooting straight up, the silver tarpon hangs momentarily in the air, like a Chet Reneson painting. In the next time span, you will experience one of the great thrills of fishing.


Kasba Lake Lodge

Northwest Territories, Canada

giant trout near the surface, northern pike and some of Canada’s largest Arctic grayling

Kasba lake mapWhen Doug Hill opened his fabulous Kasba Lake Lodge, he established a catch-and-release program in which all but a few small, badly hooked fish for the pan had to be returned to the water. When Doug did this years ago, it was not a popular practice as fishermen were used to returning home with a cooler full of fillets. But Doug stuck to his policy, and today, Kasba Lake Lodge produces the same high quality fishing that it did when Kasba was first built.

Nestled in the Northwestern Territories, the crystal clear waters of Kasba Lake, located about 430 miles from the Arctic Circle, provide a lifelong fishing dream come true. With over 1,000 miles of shoreline and hundreds of islands to provide shelter in even the windiest of days, Kasba Lake ensures a fabulous fishing adventure for the casual or serious sport fishermen alike.


Pine Island Lodge

Pine_IslandOne of the many advantages of Pine Island Lodge (PIL) is its accessibility. Anglers fly to Winnipeg, Manitoba, are met at the airport and driven by van to Pointe du Bois: From there, it’s one-half hour by boat to camp (a most scenic and enjoyable by the way). No overnights. Quick and easy.

PIL is located at the remote boundary of Manitoba’s Whiteshell Forest on the famous Winnipeg River system. The lodge is 22 miles from the nearest road, and can only be reached by boat or float plane.

Pine Island Lodge is nestled on 17-acre private island, among the spruce, birch and pines. The Winnipeg River is not what most anglers imagine when they think of a “river.” The Winnipeg has huge lake-like areas with large bays studded with spruce and birch covered islands, rocky reefs that border immense weed beds, submerged gravel bars that stair-step from 8 to 100 feet of water. The coves and inlets are fringed with lily pads and wild rice.


Lake Obabika Lodge

splendid smallmouth bass fishing coupled with magnificent accomodations

Obabika_LodgeLake Obabika Lodge pampers you with its ultra attractive accommodations, high degree of personal service and gourmet meals. But Lake Obabika Lodge also provides some of the finest fishing for the spectacular smallmouth bass.

Lake Obabika is a fertile watershed that hosts huge populations of feisty smallmouth bass. Although you can drive right to the lodge, there’s no public access so fishing pressure is limited to lodge guests and the potential for fast action and trophy smallies remains strong. Two- to three-pound bass are common and anglers could tangle with even larger bass. The typical Ontario bass lake often turns out its best fishing during the early weeks of the season, late May through mid-June. But historically Obabika’s cold, clear waters produce better sport later in the summer, starting in early July, when the days are warmer and sunny.

lake brunner fishing

Lake Brunner Lodge

it’s hard to envision a more appealing trout fishing destination than New Zealand’s South Island.

lake brunnerFishing in New Zealand waters should be more appropriately named trout stalking, because usually the brown trout is first spotted by carefully walking along the stream, before a presentation is made. The clarity of the water makes spotting some trout easy, though in many instances, what’s visible to the trained eye of the guide is invisible to the less experienced angler. And because there’s not a trout behind every rock, anglers must carefully locate each fish before a cast is made.

Flowing as clean and crystal clear as mountain air, South Island streams harbor trout that can average close to four pounds. Five to seven pounders are acknowledged heartily, but an angler needs to break the eight pound barrier before celebrity status is bestowed. Much of the season, the trout will rise eagerly to a well placed dry fly, a Royal Wulff or an Adams.