Hiking – Haines Trails

Hiking-Haines-TrailsBattery Point Trail
Length 1.2 miles, no elevation gain, location: from Fort Seward, walk east along Beach Rd. and up hill to end of (about 1.25 miles past Portage Cove Campground). Trail leads to beach (1 mile) and across headland to Kelgaya Point (1.2 miles).

Mt. Riley Trails
Three routes to summit, Mud Bay Road, length 2.8 miles, located south along Mud Bay Rd. at mile 3. Lily Lake Rd., length 3.6 miles from start of Lily Lake Rd., located down FAA Road to end(1 mile), take access road 1.7 miles toward Lily Lake, look for trail on right. Portage Cove, length 4 miles from Battery Pt. trailhead, located up Battery Point Trail, take right fork just before reaching beach. Elevation gain 1760 feet.